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“I have suffered for years with the skin condition Dermatitis and Eczema. Being a Pharmacy Technician you can imagine I have tried everything from prescribed steroid creams to over the counter items. Amuline Lipogel from Citrine was the only thing that calmed my burning skin while healing it as well. People even started commenting on how good my skin was after trying this product. Now I very rarely get a flare up but when I do I use my Amuline Lipogel and I get great relief.”

Samantha, Pharmacy Technician, Cork.

“I love using the Ceboderm product. Compared to  other well known brands, Ceboderm is lightweight and dries in very well. I can apply make- up not long after and it doesn’t leave that greasy shine on the face. I found within two weeks of using it every morning( my problem area on my chin would be covered it spots) that it did really clear up the area and reduce the redness. Overall I am so impressed with the product and I do recommend it.” 

Sarah Bradley, 25, Cork City.

“Just a little update on the cream that you gave me a sample of for my daughter Robyn who suffers from Eczema on both ankles and wrists. Robyn is 1 year old, and her Eczema seems to be only getting worse and she is now even scratching in her sleep, but since using Amuline Junior I have seen a huge improvement and I have only been using it for 2 weeks now. It has genuinely worked wonders for her. Her poor little hands were so dry and they now feel soft, she still scratches her hands every now and again but nowhere near as much. Thanks a mill, this means so much to get something that works.”


“I bought Amuline SD from a local pharmacy, as I had been suffering from dry skin from the corner of my left eye which was travelling down to the corner of my lip and I kept getting a cracked lip which was extremely sore. I used Amuline SD for a little over a week and it cleared it up. S,ome days I can see I am getting a flare up, but I use Amuline SD and it keeps it under control. I would highly recommend this product as I had tried many other products and even some recommended by my GP over the past few months and none of them worked as well as Amuline SD.”


“I work in a Pharmacy in Wexford and Citrine Healthcare came to our store to do some training with us. I asked if there were any junior products in the line suitable for baby skin and they recommended Amuline Junior Dermo Paste.

My little man, who is now 13months old is now red face free thanks to Amuline Junior. It is so silky and absorbs super-fast, which is what I found was a problem with other brands. I saw results within hours of application and you will too.  It also doubles up as a hand cream for all mammies out there!

I have and will continue to recommend Amuline Junior to everyone and please see below some feedback from a customer that I had recommended it to….

..I recommended Amuline Junior to a new Mom of a 5-week-old baby girl who was suffering from very dry skin on her face. I recommended this product to her, and she came back into me in store on to thank me so much for the recommendation, as it had worked better than anything else she had tried and her little face was already starting to clear up. She just can’t thank us and the company Citrine Healthcare enough!”

Ellen, Wexford,

“I have been taking a reaction on my face for some time now. When the flare settles down I am left with extremely dry and irritated skin. I started using Lipogel to help with the dryness. It was amazing, it took away the itchy sensation and provided a lot of moisture, meaning the area cleared up much quicker than before.

I have recommended this product to my friends who have similar issues with their skin. Fantastic product that I’m delighted to have found.”

Laura, Ballymoney, Bumble and Bee Boutique

“I wanted to contact you to say how really impressed I was with your Triacine Control Cream!! It really is a fantastic product. I suffer regularly with breakouts of comedonal acne, this is further exacerbated by having to wear a clinical mask in my role as a Clinical Nurse Manager and Clinic Coordinator. Within a couple days of using Triacine, the mandibular area and T zone whiteheads had reduced significantly and have almost dissipated after day 4, suffice to say I’m delighted.

I gave Triacine to my daughter too and it’s been producing similar brilliant results for her also. The combination of your active ingredients such as salicylic acid, retinyl palmitate and niacinamide works wonderfully.

Thank you so much. I’ll certainly be recommending Triacine to my colleagues in the hospital, family and friends.”

Claire, Dublin , Clinical Nurse Manager